I really enjoy painting close up botanicals and greenery in large formats. As a former wedding caker, there was something so dreamy about walking into a wedding ballroom and seeing some of the worlds most beautiful flowers, perfectly placed.  I would always lean in close, admiring individual flowers or petals and hoping at least one other person would get to admire that one niche. One of my favorite wedding florists posted some swoon-worthy pink peonies, and that feeling came back so clearly. I painted them in watercolor, and then I was inspired to paint them in a realistic style with acrylic. It took ONE MONTH to complete that painting and it was hard, but it felt right.  I am inspired by so much in nature, but botanicals light a fire for me like nothing else.


I’m an amateur wood worker. Its a favorite pastime with my grandpa. It felt natural to use wood as my "canvas" because I love how sturdy and stable the panels are.  When possible, I like to frame my paintings myself. Finishing a painting like this makes the process so much more satisfying. Acrylics are my favorite because each layer gets more interesting, and it feels like there is always room to make mistakes or even start over. 


I love large paintings. I envision my paintings hanging over a couch, a bed, or in an entryway. Some of the artwork in my house has given me a jolt of a feeling or memory in just the right moment, and I hope my clients can experience that with my work. I put so much meditative energy into my work, and at times I am even able to pray over my work or the next owners of the painting...... almost like I'm bottling up all the good intentions to pass on. I'm not sure if that is a real business model, but its part of my process. It makes me feel like Im serving the recipient, or any of the paintings future passer-bys.