Hello! I’m Jennyfer (pronounced just like Jennifer). 

I speak French and I’m the mother to three gorgeous girls. I live in lovely Maitland, Florida (near Orlando) with my husband of 13 years, Tony.  Here are 5 fun facts about me:

1.) I LOVE to cook, and my only regret in life is that I never went to culinary school as a student (I taught a wedding cake class though)

2.) Wedding flowers melt my heart, and flood my Instagram feed.

3.) I value my community of women and fellow artists immensely. 

4.) I’m an Enneagram 4w3, the individualist. Wondering what the heck The Enneagram is? Click here. You're welcome! 

5.) I'm an amateur yogi and yoga has brought so much health and peace into my life.

That’s me personally. Click on RESUME to see me professionally.